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A wise spiritual teacher put it bluntly: Give up the belief that good can come to you. Give up the desire for good to come to you. Since infinity is the nature of your being, all good must flow out from you to the world. That's the objective of Shine FWD.: To help people discover and express the good that is uniquely theirs to give the world.

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The most important part of our work is connection to Soul (God,Spirit), getting right down to the center of things, to touch our being, our good, and our divinity. People think not much goes on there in that still place, it however is where we receive all wisdom and the click letting us know we are on the right path and that all is well. It is the fountain of our lives, our creativity and expression. In this work, we make a conscious effort to stay rooted there and let it confirm and affirm our path. 

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We often hold beliefs, shame, and guilt that seem to cover our gifts, holding us back from our heart's desire. Our inner guidance offers a way out, a light that can shine us forward. Partnering together we work to receive direct guidance that will allow you to open the door to the life you long for–giving you the tools and faith to know what to say and what to do. Following this guidance, we can rest back, assured we are doing our best to pour this light from within into our experience. 

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Taking your discoveries out into the world is the final step no matter where you are on your journey. The wisdom of Soul lives when it is expressed. Whether you are a leader yearning to reflect your true essence in your leadership, someone on the verge of their soul mission, or you are looking to live from heart in what you do and say at home– expressing more of you is what we're after. Your pouring of that inner heaven on earth is your fulfillment. You might say it's a practical spirituality.