Shine FWD. works with individuals and leaders to discover and express the light that is uniquely theirs to give the world. You will have a partner to advise, coach, and iterate work with you as you seek out insight and take action from the Soul.

You might expect to engage in:


The Inner

Meditation & Contemplation to Uncover A Deeper Sense of Purpose.

Connection With Spiritual Truth & Texts.

Coaching, Pushing Thinking & Brainstorming Ideas.

The Outer

Putting Your Ideas & Inspiration Into Expression.

Feedback on Leadership & How to Elevate Your Work in Ways That Match Your Purpose.

Counsel Around Soul-Centered Communications, Design, Decisions, and Offerings.


Support We Offer:


Soul-Driven Coaching

Our approach to coaching begins with Soul and Being. Connection to Soul is our first goal, receiving its guidance our second, and putting it into expression our final step.


Individual Immersive Programs

These programs are structured with specific Soul-focused topics and aim at greater self-discovery. They are paced to the individual and their progress.


Community Soul Circles

A three-part facilitated program held over six weeks to build community, connection and help bring forth the heart’s desire of each individual participant.

Venture & Communication Guidance

The idea is there and now it’s time to bring it to life in a venture or communications. The focus here is to translate the wisdom of Soul into practical, informed action.