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More and more people are being called to their soul's work in the world. They yearn to have an impact, yet are unclear about what they are uniquely designed to contribute or face challenges in translating their deepest yearnings into their life and their world. 

Even though I had dedicated my career to socially conscious work, something was still missing. My professional life wasn't a match for the truths and understanding I had gathered on my spiritual path, and it also didn't fit the wisdom gained from the often bruising journeys I travelled along the way. I wanted to know my purpose from within.

I discovered that my devotion to spiritual truth, love of creativity, and longstanding commitment to support growth and transformation in myself and others is the basis of my work. My passion is to awaken the joy of creating and following ones purpose because giving our gifts is our greatest joy. It also happens to be what is needed to experience the beauty, love, and fulfillment we all seek. That's what we will find together. 

Credentials: BSW, JD, PCC; Senior Coach; Leadership Advisor; Communications Expert.

Former Human Rights & Policy Advisor to UN Secretary-General's Special Rapporteur on Business and Human Rights, Harvard University Corporate Social Responsibility Fellow, and Editor-in-Chief and Contributing Editor to several mission driven publications.